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Designated Survivor
Tonight it's a turn for Designated Survivor to be reviewed. Bought up by Netflix and released in tandem with the US airing, a new episode falls most weeks - however lucky for you the first season arc has just concluded meaning its ripe for a binge watch over the Holiday season!
Designated Survivor follows the story of an unlikely President who is chosen following everyone else in the line of succession being blown up during the state of the union address. Staring Kiefer Sutherland from 24, it takes a very 24 cross House of Cards feel and tone.
Fast paced with excellent plot twists and backstabbing to keep you interested. There is a cliffhanger end to every episode that reels you in for more.
It struggles at points between the need to move the story along and the reality that in a similar situation the world would be paralysed rather than working to move forward. It swaps some of the realism of modern day life for a better story experience. Some don't enjoy this but I feel it's probably required to keep it fast enough.
You'll find yourself both an angst and anger at the President while at times feeling deeply sympathetic to the situation he finds himself in. Individual episodes can be forgotten but the overall plot has a deep story line that you'll find yourself checking rapidly for more.
It's the perfect short season to binge this holiday time. The series continues in March 2017.