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Star Wars Rogue One
Ill be the first to admit I'm a Star Trek fan way more than a Star Wars fan but last night off I trooped to see the latest in the series of Star Wars - gotta support all sci fi to get more.
I've tried to keep this spoiler free from plot points - since it's a new movie. I'll revist to chat once more have seen it.
It's the second addition to the Star Wars franchise since Disney bought over the rights and with it came high expectations. Where The Force Awakens is a continuation of one of the worlds best loved Sci Fi sagas - Rogue One strays into new territory with none of the original characters or story threads.
Story wise its broken down into its three constituent parts, the pre-amble, the twist and the delivery. It shows a completely different side to Star Wars, that we haven't seen in any other movie.
There is no coming of power Jedi Story, there is no all powerful force, and there is certainly none of the usual battle scenes that we have become used to in Star Wars. It's all raw fighting, lasers, ships and hand to hand.
I felt the build up in the first third of the movie to be slow, the character development was teased in and the backstory filled. It took its time and certainly didn't skip much. I felt a little lost having not watched any of the movies recently outside The Force Awakens. If you're a fan - it may be worth watching A New Hope and then jumping to Rogue One.
The twist and the change in the middle took me by surprise. It will take you into the beginning of the structural definition of the Rebellion and the Empire - both have strength and the rebellion hasn't been diminished yet. It's a great political and gritty piece that the other movies usually don't bother to explore. I enjoyed it.
Being teased all the way through, the delivery at the end is spectacular. This isn't a jedi fight scene with predictability and flashy effects, this is a real humanoid vs humanoid struggle with no side having god like powers. It's something that always got skipped previously for time and I am absolutely thrilled to see it delivered like this. I was thinking half way through that I was going to leave unimpressed but the end saves the day.
Humanity (at least of the far far away type) is fighting and struggling and you feel the pain and sacrifice.
The last moment had me clap and smile. It delivers an epic end sequence that is exhilirating and in tune with the whole series. Disney delivered with Rogue One and I imagine the future installments will be as good.
The rolling front end yellow credits that were a hallmark of Star Wars are gone, the theme tune is gone, the darkness lifts. The isn't a 'Force' movie, this is the real stories, sacrafices and choices made to enable the plot we all know and love.
Great movie to end a Saturday night.

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Re: Star Wars Rogue One
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I may have to go see this one again.

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